9 to 5

I left the house at 9PM looking for simple fun. I figured I’d got to Habana Outpost (Earth Day celebration). Have one drink, chill with friends (when I heard the line-up of people before I left, I should have known it wouldn’t be a simple night) and return to my couch by 11PM at the latest. (Yes, I am sleeping on the couch again. Long story.)
I stumbled into my house at 5AM
4 BK spots.
A million great people. (everybody was happy last night. Everybody!)
4 old friends.
6 new friends.
1 dance on a fire escape. (Relatively sober, I decided this was a good idea)
1 Yankee girl attempting to dance (and convincing a Nigerian I was worth 5 cows)
1 new line (“so um, don’t wait the standard 3 days to call me. I have no short term memory and I don’t want to forget you.”)
Priceless (and with pictures!)

Happy Sunday!